Bubilas also is known as Babilas and its origins are from Lithuania. Bubilas is the patron of bees, honey and beekeepers. In general, bee spirits are female like the queen bee or worker bees, that are the bees that are most visible to people Bubilas is an exception. He is the spirit of the drone Bubilas severs the bees and Austeja, queen of the bees. He will serve human beekeepers too, as well as those who labour on behalf of bees. Bubilas look like a fat hairy man. The offering for Bubilas is to give honey in jugs by smashing the jug like breaking a hive.

Judika Illes, Encyclopaedia of Spirits the ultimate guide to the magic of fairies, genies, demons, ghosts, gods and goddesses, 2009, Bubilas, p 303



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