Bitoso origin is Romani (Transylvanain Gypsy) Bitoso is a little multiheaded worm who causes headaches, stomach aches and eliminates appetite. His children cause colic, cramps, toothaches and tinnitus as well as unexplained ringing in the ears. When the disease demon Schilalyi began molesting her siblings as well as humans, her brother Melalo told their father, the king of the spouse. Melalo advised the king to urinate on garlic, eat it, and then have sex with his wife Ana. She conceived and gave birth to Bitoso who married Schilalyi.

Judika Illes, Encyclopaedia of Spirits the ultimate guide to the magic of fairies, genies, demons, ghosts, gods and goddesses, 2009, Bitoso, p 281

2 thoughts on “Bitoso

  1. I would like to use the picture of Bitoso 2 in a lecture for Children about the tooth worm. Can you tell me, if I can use it?

    Dr. Kirchner

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    1. Hello, you can use the image as I got it from google images so there is no problem there as in the image you can see the copyright source. So use the use and feel free to use the book that the info came from. The info is short and wording I could use even though it’s a lecture for children.


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