The locusts in the Islamic tradition were the first animals to be created.  They took pity on Adam when got expelled with Eve from the Garden of Eden. The locusts were created from leftover clay that was used to make the first man.  The king of the locusts is eagle sized and got it orders from God. Patterns on locusts back are understood to be Arabic writing and state god is one. The locusts service to god and are sent out to those who offended the creator.

Example of is when the Pharaoh would not let the children of Israel go out to Egypt. According to the Hopi legend of spider woman and the migration of the clan’s blue flute was used to create the locusts.  Humpbacked flute player was to bring to tropical warmth with his flute playing and help melt the snow that blocked the door to the fourth world. Since then the flute player is protected by locusts.

See John and Caitlin Matthews, The Element Encyclopaedia of Magical Creatures, 2013, Locusts, p 297-98






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