Grid (Hag Grid)

Grid (Hag Grid)

Grid is an unusual Norse frost giant because she is friendly towards Aesir spirits. One of the Grid myths she saved Thor from certain doom. Thor went to visit hostile Jotun without his hammer. Belt and iron gauntlets.  Thor went to spend a night at Grid hall Grid was aware of the danger, but he was not. Grid tells and gives cautions to Thor, insisting that Grid take her iron gloves and unbreakable shield and girdle of might. Thor lived through the night. Grid is the goddess of caution and forethought, also the mother of Odin’s son Vidar destined to avenge his father at Ragnarok.     

Judika Illes, Encyclopaedia of Spirits the ultimate guide to the magic of fairies, genies, demons, ghosts, gods and goddesses, 2009, Grid, p 454-55

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