Remora is a name for the Echeneis the great fish of Roman report. It is only about one foot long and four inches thick but it wraps itself around a rock with its sucking mouth and attaches itself to vessels by its horn. The Remora was said to be the cause for the show of progress the mark of Antony’s flagship at the battle of Actium, where one is supposed to have attached itself to the ship in order to draw up sunken gold from the bottom of the sea. As it says in Joshura Slyvester’s poem, Du Bastas his divine weeks and works.

The Remora fixing her feeble horn into the tempest-beaket vessels stern, Stayes her stone-still while all her stout consorts. Saile thence at pleasure to their wished ports

John and Caitlin Matthews, The Element Encyclopaedia of Magical Creatures, 2013, Remora, p 391

Mihos 2 Mihos

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