This is a creature that is a flesh-eating bird from the traditions of the Kwakiutl people of Canada are often found carved on the elaborate marks which feature in Kwakiutl ceremonies. The appearance of it is a giant raven that is also known as Hokhoku and is related to Bakbakwakanooksiewae. The Bakbakwakanooksiewae is the cannibal at the end of the north end of the world and with his wife with the unpronounceable name of Galokwudzuwis. Gwagwakhwalanooksiwey prey upon humans breaking skulls with its long beak and eating their eyes and brains which it regards as delicacies.

John and Caitlin Matthews, The Element Encyclopaedia of Magical Creatures, 2013, Gwagwakhwalanooksiwey, p 219-20

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