Manat Manat also was known as Menat or Manathu origin is Arabia. Manat is among the three pre-Islamic goddesses mentioned … Continue reading Manat


Svara Armenian legend tells of Svara who is a yellow dragon that has horn upon its head with the venomous … Continue reading Svara


Koala An aboriginal myth tells how the animals wanted to cross the waters to Australia. They got the starfish to … Continue reading Koala


Bitoso Bitoso origin is Romani (Transylvanain Gypsy) Bitoso is a little multiheaded worm who causes headaches, stomach aches and eliminates … Continue reading Bitoso


Hulden Origin is Teutonic the Hulden are German hill fairies led by Hulda and serving as her entourage. Their fortunes … Continue reading Hulden


Giltine Giltine origin Lithuania Giltine is a snake goddess of death. She roams cemeteries at night, licking coffins and corpses … Continue reading Giltine