Bitoso Bitoso origin is Romani (Transylvanain Gypsy) Bitoso is a little multiheaded worm who causes headaches, stomach aches and eliminates … Continue reading Bitoso


Hulden Origin is Teutonic the Hulden are German hill fairies led by Hulda and serving as her entourage. Their fortunes … Continue reading Hulden


Giltine Giltine origin Lithuania Giltine is a snake goddess of death. She roams cemeteries at night, licking coffins and corpses … Continue reading Giltine


Shikigami Shikigami are from Japan also known as Shikijin they are spirits summoned to serve Onmyoji, Japanese shamanic yin-yang magicians. … Continue reading Shikigami


Thyone Thyone comes from the Greeks and is the goddess who presides over the Dionysian Mysteries, known in Rome as … Continue reading Thyone


Ketta Ketta origins are from the Norse the Ketta are cat spirits Ketta means she-cat of a female cat but … Continue reading Ketta